Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A chatter's hairdo....

i have never chatted in a chat room.. during my college days, life was spent on canteen, parks, school ground, benches and the real of classrooms.

along came this portal of communication.. that is chatting. boy! IT is amazing!!!!

you will meet a lot of diverse personalities, oozing with with sarcasm, humor, so so , hunters and looters (of hearts?).hahahahaha
I became anti-social and my butt was rooted to my seat, i was excited and stated bringing food to my side. I started refusing phone calls, forgot my unanswered messages on my mobile phone.. and sometimes brought my lunch on top of my keyboard.
i skipped classes, that is teaching,too!
but it is truly an amazing portal of friendship.
I started to miss someone of whom i would look up when i get in the chat room.. its like you get to bond with that person.. you start to be in synch with each other. you other half so to say..

nevertheless.. i love it.. and to my partner , i love you. you are a great friend..

till next blog!


cupcake said...

Hi EvaMarie! Great to be here reading you. Geez..and I thought it was just me feeling the same way with this chat thing. Thought it was juvenile but well, we all are! hehehe..
Will miss you in my 5 days break..but who knows, i just might make takas and putter on my laptop..will bring it anyway..won`t let him know lang. hehehe..hope it`s wifi there!!!
Nice knowing you evamarie..ang kinaguapahan sa lahug from the kinaguapahan sa atillo subd..Ariel can attest to that...bwahahaaha!!!

Γεώργιος said...


Me too. Before I left the country, I never thought I'd be interested in PC chatting as I am not really fond of YM, texting, blogging or anything other than e-mail.

People grow up and I think we're just what others call- "late bloomers".

And just like the song goes-
"I've kicked the habit
shed my skin
this is the new stuff
I go dancing in, we go dancing in"

Keep posting and I'll keep reading.